Janet Michels
Girls Inc. Board of Directors, President & Chair

When a new year begins, it’s a time to think big, start fresh and aim high! I have the honor of assuming the Board Chair role for a two year assignment and am so excited at the potential for Girls Inc. of Orange County.

A successful non-profit has three main ingredients: a clear and compelling mission, talented and dedicated staff, and evangelistic supporters. So I ask myself….with over 3300 non-profits in Orange County alone, what makes us special? Why us?

1. We have stood the test of time – for over 60 years, we have served girls and their families in our community.

2. We adapt to societal changes – Our programs reflect the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s world and help girls navigate … what to embrace, what to avoid, and how to always have their own voice.

3. We go to where the girls are, we go out to the schools and other community sites, 53 last year, so that we can reach more girls in more communities.

4. We partner with others – from local businesses and large corporations, to schools and other non-profits, to individuals who want to give back, we leverage the people and the expertise to extend our reach.

5. We tell our story- You’ll find us everywhere – out in the community, in the schools, at networking events….in the boardroom and on the playground. Social media has become a bigger platform for us to promote our work and value.

In 2018, we plan to expand….the way we deliver p