Girls Inc. OC in the March for Equality

By Zarina Yunis (Girls Inc. member) A large group of Girls Inc. Orange County members came out to participate and let their voices be heard at the second annual Women’s March, which was held in Santa Ana on Jan. 20. Around the country, the Women’s March served as an opportunity to come together with other women to stand up

Girls Inc. in 2018

Janet Michels Girls Inc. Board of Directors, President & Chair When a new year begins, it’s a time to think big, start fresh and aim high! I have the honor of assuming the Board Chair role for a two year assignment and am so excited at the potential for Girls Inc. of Orange County. A successful non-profit has three main

STEM for Girls and The Boeing Foundation

11/8/17 by Laurie Goodman Did you know? A report by America's Edge revealed that by 2018, 9 out of 10 STEM jobs will require postsecondary degrees and 7 out of 10 will require bachelor's degrees. Employers may have difficulty filling these jobs. Six years ago, California ranked 14th in the nation in degrees awarded in science and engineering. Today, California

Due to unforeseen circumstances Girls Inc. of Orange County staff do not have any access to their Girls Inc. email or work phone lines. The main phone and fax lines for the office are also not working.

For immediate contact information
until the email and phone systems are restored please use:

Lucy Santana:
949-420-9426 | lsantana.girlsincoc@gmail.com

Orleda Azevedo:
614-768-2929 | azevedo.girlsincoc@gmail.com

Marisol Felix:
562-646-6274 | mfelix.girlsincoc@gmail.com

Jessica Hubbard:
305-697-6311 | jhubbard.girlsincoc@gmail.com

Kimber Simons:
802-587-2929 | kimbers.girlsincoc@gmail.com

Dennis Williams:
281-716-5427 | dwilliams.girlsincoc@gmail.com

Kelli McIntosh:
657-215-1053 | kmcintosh.girlsincoc@gmail.com

Kathya Torrejon:
714-794-2357 | ktorrejon.girlsincoc@gmail.com

Stephanie Mendoza:
530-436-5886 | smendoza.girlsincoc@gmail.com

Beth Payne:
857-626-2714 | bpayne.girlsincoc@gmail.com

Martha Rangel:
530-430-7531 | mrangel.girlsincoc@gmail.com

Jessica Ross:
508-622-5507 | jross.girlsincoc@gmail.com

Olivia Jaffe-Pachuilo:
562-444-5316 | ojpachuilo.girlsincoc@gmail.com

Mariah Murga:
985-509-7489 | mmurga.girlsincoc@gmail.com