Volunteering — What’s in it for:

The Girls: Opens horizons previously unavailable to them

The Community: Our Girls partner with service groups to give back as direct volunteers  

Your Company:  Generates employee pride and helps develop the future workforce

You:  An opportunity to pay It forward

Corporate Groups

You and your company’s support and involvement are what truly change the lives of our girls. Many of our girls have limited access to career opportunities that most of us take for granted. Your time, talent and passion can make a world of difference in a young girl’s life. Opportunities include:

Career/ Educational Workshops

Engage girls in having fun while learning about your business practice through hands-on activities. Create a workshop geared towards a specific age group that shares your hobby or passion.

Career Panels and Mock Interviews

Sit on a career panel or participate in mock interviews. You, along with a small group of individuals, have the opportunity to share your story, interviewing skills, and professional tips with our girls.

Host a Girls Inc. Extern

Four-week program in which girls are matched with participating companies. High school girls are given a variety of responsibilities such as general office work, answering phones, shadowing staff and completing small projects while working with positive role models who can showcase their occupations. The program provides an experiential learning opportunity for the girls while simultaneously offering sponsors a unique philanthropic experience.


Host a drive to collect items like school supplies, books, or supplies needed for college.  Each quarter something new is needed.

Program Sponsor

Help fund a field trip, program or special activity for the girls. Provide necessary program materials through an in-kind donation.

Community Groups

We partner with community service groups on an annual basis to engage direct-service, hands-on activities with our girls. Our girls learn the importance of giving back to the community. The activities and projects will be decided by the group based upon interests and skill. Opportunities include:

  • Planning a skill-based activity
  • Organizing a beautification project
  • Hosting a supply drive
  • Donating items from the organization’s “Wish List”
  • Assisting with special events

Please contact us at to discuss your community group supporting Girls Inc. of Orange County.